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    Never feel unsafe again.
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ICEBear in a Nutshell!

Please Note

This application is only available to South African residents and registration will require a South African cellphone number. A response team by Mooirivier Beskerming is only available in Potchefstroom (and within a 25km radius from Potchefstroom) and is currently being expanded into other areas of South Africa; this application can still be utilized without the response team in order to still make your loved ones aware that you are in an emergency situation.

About the App

Securing your Safety is Easy

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Push the button

If you're in danger, your screen tap sends an alert to the Security Control Room and list of contacts.

Help is on its way

Based on your GPS location, a Response Team is immediately sent to assist you. For a nominal monthly fee ICEBear gives you peace of mind - whatever the danger, wherever you may be, 24/7.


Learn more about the simplicity of this life-saving app

Mobile Panic Button in Your Pocket!

ICEBear App is mobile application for a wide range of different mobile devices, for both Android and Apple platforms. All your device requires is a GPS, which will be used to track your location in order for a live response team to respond to your situation promptly. ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency” and the Bear is symbolic of representing Power, Courage, Protection and safety. On Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, safety is the second most important requirement in order to make our lives more comfortable and in making rational everyday decisions in life. Having one less thing to worry about, makes a world of difference and living in South Africa where safety and security are a real threat, this simple, yet effective application will be your go to mobile application whenever you feel threatened or unsafe.

Never feel unsafe again!

ICEBear app makes use of a device that is almost always with you, all of the time and is convenient as it is in your pocket when you need it most. Installing ICEBear is as easy as going to your App Store and clicking "Download". Once you have installed the application, you require to register the device and will be added to an exclusive group of members who have their own personal guardian which will respond to your threatening situations within minutes of having pressed the panic button. Setting up a contacts list is also possible, having your loved ones know that you are in trouble and can be there to support you through your time of need.

Mooirivier Beskerming Integration

Back-end Control Center with world class Mooirivier Beskerming Response Team

Integrated Control Center

Solid back-end that will handle all alerts and facilitate sending out the closest responder, making certain your emergency is dealt with efficiently and quick. The control center is used to track and manage alert notifications; being able to see exactly where the incident is taking place using your mobile device's GPS location. From the control center the agent will be able to identify your location and find the closest available responder to handle your situation. The control center will not only be able to track your live location data, but also get updates on the location and progress the responder is making to resolve the issue, this also ensures that a response unit is responding to your alert efficiently and promptly.

The control center uses state of the art technologies to ensure that every incident is dealt with in an efficient manner. The control center is like the eye in the sky and sees all, being able to track response units wherever they are and making sure that there is always a guardian in place to respond to whatever incident takes place. Mooirivier Beskerming is a security agency which is renowned for their ability to handle situations with brutal force and swiftness and is on the cutting edge of innovation trying to make the lives of everyday people safer and more secure.

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Responder App Screenshots

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